Celebrate Lyfe - Process

We will discuss:

Why planning is important.
What you need to consider. What are the ways a trust can help save you money and your loved ones hassles and court attendance. We will discuss how to keep your family assets protected from possible divorce, and to set financial security for loved ones with special needs. We will most importantly plan for end of life care decisions, for the TIME YOU ARE STILL ALIVE. Lastly we will make sure you select the right people to be in charge, and explain their responsibilities and obligations to you.  And we will document your wishes according to the law to allow your wishes will be carried out when its time!

If you are like most people, you know that you need a Revocable Trust to protect your house, avoid probate, & reduce taxes. You might have thought about it for years. You may have parents that need it.  You might have started researching it and got tired or overwhelmed……let us help!

What choices are there?

  • What is legal and illegal?
  • What do I need to have prepared before hand?
  • How much (pain, indignity, treatment) is okay?
  • How do I prefer to die?
  • Where do I prefer to die?
  • When are tubes, machines & resuscitation  okay?
  • Who will speak for me when I cannot?
  • How much control do I want them to have?

Control over your own life

  • Do I want to be saved by machines? Do I want to live through machines? What is the difference?
  • Do I want to remain in my home or be placed in a nursing home or live with a specific relative or friend? 
  • At times, there are choices to be made and family members often disagree. Treatments have consequences. The choice to prolong a loved one's life vs. ending it is an enormous decision. The only comfort at that times would be to know that is was the wishes of the person themselves, and that they would make the same decision if they could.


How do I stay in Control

  1. Power of Attorney: Financial &  Legal.
  2. Trust/Will – written instructions about your estate and sometimes burial details.
  3. Health Care Proxy – health care decisions.
  4. Living Will/ Advanced Directive – written instructions for catastrophic or end of life decision-making.
The Living Trust Company

Are you so wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of life that you don't take the time to reflect on your life story? 

Don't think it's important to preserve the “little details” of your life?
We are here to help you understand that, by taking the time to remember and record your stories of life, you will not only receive great personal satisfaction but will leave an enduring legacy for your family, so they will always know and feel part of your story.