The Living Trust Company

Kay Nikookary, owner and founder of The Living Trust Company, formerly, Celebrate Lyfe, is a business leader passionately working to educate communities on utilizing Family Trusts, healthcare directives, wills, and end of life planning to secure a better quality of life, maintaining that quality of life throughout everyday and passing wealth and valuable life lessons to future generations.

With a financial background and decades of contract negotiating experience, The Living Trust Company, under the guidance of Kay Nikookary provides middle class families, entrepreneurs and small business owners the tools necessary to keep and expand what they have built and pass them to future generations.

The Living Trust Company is more than a for profit business, but rather a passion endeavor with a mission to inform and educate families about end of life decision and their responsibility to their loved ones, care takers, and themselves in preserving their health, dignity and wealth through this life time and passing it on to the next generation.

Many business owners, including doctors, dentists and other professionals do not take the correct steps in ensuring the secure and most profitable passing of their business after their passing. Most do not have proper partnership agreements that have thoroughly addressed continued business decision making and profit sharing. These tools are typically offered to wealthier counterparts, until now with The Living Trust Company set with a mission to offer free education, low cost services to make sure there is a level playing field between small business professionals and families of all backgrounds to reach their true generational potential!

Kay is a public speaker and presenter working fervently with various communities, serving Ventura County to San Diego County to bring free educational seminars with meaningful information to empower people of all socio-economic backgrounds about the tools available through do-it-yourself resources as well as paid services to protect and build family legacies. With a personal family history of Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer, Kay is intimately aware of the circumstances and challenges that face families through such tumultuous times and works with her client families to reduce the stress and financial burdens, while working to bring peace and love to the each person.

Kay has a solid track record of building creative companies to meet the under serviced segments markets. She has started a series of entrepreneur endeavors which comprise of over 25 years of professional experience in sales, advertising, marketing, public relations and public speaking.

Kay founded K-Naz Marketing, (AKA WallStreet Athletic Group), as a leading consultant in marketing and new business development for professional athletes, corporate executives and corporations around the globe. Kay has worked as a business consultant to professional athletes, and other high net worth individuals in all aspects of their business and philanthropy, with a focus of building a legacy for their life's efforts.

She also founded First Pro Financial, providing financial solutions to commercial entities of all sizes. From financial consulting to providing loans/lease for real estate, capital assets, working capital, venture capital, and other financial needs, FPF brings an unlimited source of funds and expertise to its clients and is the only financial institution to guarantee its clients the highest satisfaction on all financial advice and transactions.

Prior to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Kay was a Vice President in sales for several of the leading national banks in the United States, including, Bank of America, Comerica, First Security Bank now WElls Fargo Bank and Regionally in Tampa, FL with AmSouth Bank. As a senior sales executive for these banks, she led the corporate business development and new client systems managing portfolios exceeding $100 Million and being the trusted advisor to Fortune 500 executives.

She has completed her BS in Marketing, with a minor in Mathematics/Statistics, and also has an MBA in Marketing Management/& International Business. Together, her educational background provides an analytical expertise with both numbers and general problem solving, in addition to a thorough understanding of business organizational structure, management, decision making and creatively operating a highly profitable organization/department.