The Corona virus has impacted our lives in ways we could have never imagined. While the unprecedented spread of this disease impacted our brothers and sisters across the globe, it has especially impacted American hearts with our mortality and our susceptibility to losing our loved ones.  Almost 20 years after 9/11, when faced with lock down and isolation in our homes, the American Spirit continued to be strong.

This is the time to be with our families, love them and protect them in every way we can. As we face this invisible threat and face our mortality, we can also decide to take control, do our part, and protect our families in the long term.

If you have ever considered doing a Will or Living Trust, this may be the time to finally look into it with a free phone call to get to know us or a refferal to an expert that can provide additional services. Use your time at home wisely, and find out more about how to protect yourself and your loved ones. We are here to help you make the most of this time! And we will not pressure you or make continued sales calls. One phone call and you will know so much more!

 "NO SANITIZER NEEDED" package includes a phone interview, emailed documents, second phone call to go over all documents, life time changes and unlimited calls. You only have to print the documents and have them notarized.

Local Clients - Orange County, LA, Inland Empire, Riverside - Print, deliver, notary option available. Call to find out more.

*Valid on purchases made while lock down in effect or Valid Promo code only!

We would like to thank you for considering to work with us, and wanted to share our current specials with you. Please checkout our "ABOUT US" page for our company philosophy and qualifications. We thank you for visiting us and invite yo to "CONTACT US" and get to know us!

At The Living Trust Co., we value our veteran families that protect our way of life here in the USA and abroad. We thank you for your service and it is our honor to work with your families to ensure your legacy.

Although veterans have a myriad of benefits allocated to them, most often a Living Trust is not part of the government benefits they receive. However, veterans and their families must still face probate and other legal courts as civilians for matters such as death, minors' guardianship and other subjects.

We at The Living Trust Co. provide free seminars and one-on-one Living Trust preparation when you are ready. We further offer  significant discounts to our veteran families to ensure their protection as a small measure of our appreciation for the service they provide for us with their lives everyday. 

The Living Trust Company

The Living Trust Co. also actively works with Dementia patients and their families to prepare Living Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives and other necessary legal documents to ensure a dignified life for the ones effected by these diseases as well as protection and ease of process for the caretakers that watch over their loved ones. Caregivers hold the enormous responsibility of making critical decisions on their behalf. Most often when  a decision is to be made, the biggest wish is to have known what the individual would have wanted. The Living Trust Co. ensures that the important decisions are made by you and legally confirmed so when the time comes, the entire family is relieved from further stress and disagreements of the correct decisions. With a personal family history of Alzheimer's, Kay Nikookary as founder of The Living Trust Co., has a special passion to help other families forced to face this Dementia, Alzheimer's, or any other form of memory care. Having a Living Trust, and the proper Health Care and Financial power of attorney documents may relieve some of the extra stress in addition to taking care of loved ones.  We further offer special discounts for Living Trust Packages to all Dementia patients and their families as a small sign of support and a promise that we will NOT forget THEM! 

November is Alzheimer's month but we are proud to partner with Alzheimer's Associations all year in conducting free seminars throughout Southern California and offering special discounts to attendees in addition to donating a percentage of the proceeds to local Alzheimer's Organizations.

For free seminars to your care giver or other small groups to help this cause, please contact us. Together, we CAN make a difference.

We offer special discounts and programs to all Dementia families, contact us for the next seminar in your area, individual consultations, and discount coupons to participate.